Sovren Resume Analyzer

This tool helps anyone analyze how resumes are parsed by most software today. For candidates, the results will give insights and advice to help you build a better resume. For Sovren customers, the results will help you understand why a resume isn't parsing well.

Process Cycle
  1. Upload
    • Upload the latest revision of your resume
  2. Review
    • Review your resume in plain text
  3. Verify
    • Verify the identified sections in your resume
  4. Analyze
    • Analyze the data extracted from your resume

If you identify any inconsistencies during this process, this is an indication that your resume is not optimized for online processing and changes need to be made to the format or text. Fix these items on your resume and start the process over again. Please understand that this is an interactive process intended for you to make updates and changes to your resume. It may take multiple submissions before you have your ideal resume. The goal of this process is to improve your resume for online submissions. There are many ways to incorrectly format your resume, but there are only a handful of ways to format your resume correctly. This software is 96-100% accurate in identifying information in properly formatted resumes. If any piece of data is identified incorrectly, this is an indication that you need to change that section or text on your resume.

Before we begin, would you like to see examples of resumes that parse well and the most common mistakes we find?

Yes, take me to the learning page No, let's start analyzing my resume!